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  • EugeneSteam so whats up??
    Loverfella I will post updates on how to join soon guys
    Stickyfeet i cant join
    Angeloski360 hi i have a question
    diakcrasher is this server still up
    Eugene1991 can you help me fix my server
    Stickyfeet How do i join
    justin36666 what is the password cant find out?
    shyvaanna aww man i wanted to play on this server for my first time ever doing pvp :(
    shyvaanna i had to remove my comment b4 it repeated itself i was wandering where the connect button is
    Loverfella Connect: Steam
    Campaufarm where do I connect on nitrado I could be blind but I don't see a connect button
    NovaSix i cant find the link to join either
    tobybo yh me too
    Junglesonn anyone else keep losing connection to host?
    tobybo i don`t know server name can someone help me?
    xxcrushmanxx To join the server press Connect: Steam and then go to your new steam window and put password in...
    mincraftbiz1974 how do i join?????
    StefRu How is the Server calld i can t find it?
    lorytrito How much RAM has this server?
    dmousseau Server mods are out of date, needs a restart
    Loverfella Tweet rule breaking to @loverfellacourt
    jshannon Twice within 6 hours of logging in to the server I am wiped out and everything i have is stolen. Not my idea of fun.
    Loverfella Thanks Gud :D
    EKN24 could you possibly add reusable plus?
    Gud4ewe I have been skulking in the shadows for a while now. I love the content and your energy. Nice work. I have become a Patron. ;)
    Loverfella Server has restarted
    GAMERxXxCUBE I've researched it and everyone who's had this problem said they resolved the issue by doing a quick server restart and if you could do it late in the night i'd be gratefuk
    GAMERxXxCUBE It's saying that there is another pending session when i've downloadsed and redoloaded and it still syas it
    GAMERxXxCUBE Can anyone hep me with the situation of my ark saying unable to join Loverfella
    RedAlien how can i join
    GoldenProductions unable to query server info for invite can someone help me plz??
    Eldermen Hey man, I am a 56yr old male, been playing ARK for about a year. I enjoy watching your channel. Just wanted you to know that you also reach my age bracket. Would love to play with you sometime.
    Loverfella If you can't connect it's because the server is full - if you want to be whitelisted (AKA you can join even if full), consider donating on patreon!
    DatelessDates yeah im gettng connection timed out and stuff and its only for your server
    GAMERxXxCUBE Is anyone else getting the error of unable to load Mod map??
    GAMERxXxCUBE Hey loverfella do u think an admin on the server could replace a few of my items that I was carrying when the server restarted because my computer startyed to lock up and lag in the minute warning it gave us and I feel into the redwood biome and go eatend
    kadato it keeps saying clipboard
    Loverfella Password is in my steam group, found under my videos. Loverfella Ark group
    YuSoStupid having trouble finding the base
    Crimson_Raid hey lover
    KingSavage what is the password
    DatelessDates Whats the pass or how do i get it?
    Loverfella The server is on auto updates, so I guess it upated some time last night while I was away. Anyone who was on, let me know what it did :P
    andres20010 Loverfella, i can' t join because the MOD' s are not the newest version, so can you fix this? Thank you in advance.
    Cupcakechocobo yeah i tried hitting connect steam it still saying unable even after password
    bimmer32589 Here is a link to our wiki on how to connect to a server should the button not show. Simply take the IP address and follow the intrustions at the link below:
    sch3ct3r it says clipboard, not connect
    Roflcats42 It's really simple, Click Connect: Steam and type in the Password.
    Hypergaming well i guess im not getting in

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