15896.Nitrado sweden [OPEN]

The server is in standby-mode and must be reactivated by the servers owner

  • Superjonsson Server is open!

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  • Players
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  • Placement
  • What should the reward be in upcoming event?
    High quality armours/weapons?
    High level dinos?
  • Mods: Structure +
    Rates will start at 5x
    No food/water
    Lower fuel drain
    Tribe imprint.
    Higher imprint bonus.
    Buildings can clip into terrain.
    And alot of more...

    Upcoming polls about the rates if you want some rates higher or lower. (Remember to check in here)

    A few simple rules is:
    Massive pillaring everywere= instant ban.
    Do not block any rich resource areas= I will remove it and give a warning.

    The server restarts one time a day and take like 2 minutes.

    Donates is welcome to keep the server up and upgrade.
  • 85 Days
    Nitrado Sweden
    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/Nitrado-Sweden-286532888548016/ Under production but working.

    Upcoming app
15895. 15897.
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