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  • Stubzs ahh again my comment went away, anycase tune in www.twitch.com/pvponair i will give you answers
    Suicidey any filthy ark habits we picked up off you lol so now we get to be everything u wasnt as an admin so say what u will the last time i raided was on your pussyole servers as u know kuz they all went crying to ya bunch a pussys i have more fun now in arena
    Suicidey and if you deny this your not just a snake your a liar too and u know it lol marks the most honest bloke i know an the nicest but hes not a cunt like me to make this shit public but your begging to be ruined
    Suicidey u see its funny stubbzy u keep saying yeah were toxic we go round raiding when yet you do it all the time, what you did to that whitevalor kid was disgusting u used a diff name raided him killed his dinos an ate all his eggs your a damn hypocrite

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