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  • Bostonbolo88 Good server
    AkaWilly very good server
    Agent-Shifty98 Brilliant server Loot is perfect and runs smooth! Discord is well organised and an brilliant community!
    FadeHarely Good server. Friendly and helpful admins and mods. Overall a really great server
    zoobiscuit Class server!
    nayyirah This server is a lot of fun. the best DayZ server that I have come across on playstation. Everyone is really nice and toxic is to a minimum. There are those few that come to ruin it but the admins are on top of it and take no crap. really love the communin
    Alpha_Foxtrot Great fun server. Everyone is friendly and chill. no toxicity. The trader is active. The admins and mods are active and helpful. loving it here
    distorted_sofa superbenji is right. The server is amazing. One bad apple spoils the bunch. People getting toxic then reprimanded and get upset and post bad review. that's classic. Love the server. would recommend it to anyone. they take no toxic shit. they have greathelp
    superbenji Server IS FANTASTIC! This Esai guy below is trash. Out of 50 comments there is one sour one. What does that tell you? He is trash. The admins and mods are amazing. but obviously if you push them they will bite back
    Popsmoke3013 Amazing server! The best on PlayStation, admins are so friendly & very active. Traders are really funny & very helpful & pvp is pretty dope!
    Popsmoke3013 Amazing server! The best on PlayStation, admins are so friendly & very active. Traders are really funny & very helpful & pvp is pretty dope!
    furiousboy2006 Very nice great server
    Zexityyyyyy Great server
    SNOOPwho Fantastic server always busy with something going on
    Goyardbleeder Best server on PS
    zacherypope88 Very friendly admins. Best server I've been o.
    foxy330d Nice server, friendly admins.
    OrbitalreignX " love this server already and been here 24hrs, great admin team, great traders. PVP is mint, Safezones are fair. Highly recommended this server for all who want the true dayz experience"
    Jmcguinness95 Great server with helpful admins, trader is great as a new member you get a free build chest which helps at the start aswell as other great features including pvp and safe zones.
    RHINO_99 Absolutelly love the server. Everyone is chill and not toxic which i love and the staff are really good.
    Toreal_Kun Great server admins pretty helpful also had fun playin with mods
    Hillbilly_seth Server is awesome. Great admins, along with minimal rules an great raiding rules.
    Tgamer2000 Awesome Server
    HlDDN 👍
    StaindR3d Great server. Admins and community are very helpful. Loot is great. Simple rules. Server pop is really decent. Come join the community.
    Constantine89 Great server highly recommend 👍
    funkyfungi cant wait for the next event
    funkyfungi incredible server!
    diverse.union.united cant agree more with all the comments below. 100
    glistening_shimmer amazing server! non toxic. hall and active admins. trader is very active! players are great and respectful but fun still
    Livinnthereeal Good people good server always good times
    Verdles Great server with great spawn rates and great admins along with that great factions but in general its a 5/5 with a great vibe and not to many toxic players I do really recommend the server
    distorted_sofa best server I have found
    sammyjames0705 Best server I have ever played u don't even have to pvo if u don't want to and u can be passive survivors
    antmason94 One of the best severs I have ever been on
    Reaper1301080 Good server fun events good admin very active
    boomzoomies friendly helpful discord. loads of events. active trader
    icancounttox so much love for this server
    riot_NME best server ever. friendly. killer. funny.
    kittens4free dope dope
    earthlyrooting the best kept secret
    zangel loving it here.
    Hoot2020 The admin is the beez neez!!
    tadeaserCZ Very active server with friendly admin team. Just amazing
    OnePunchPaul Great server with the best admins I've ever met. Highly recommended for new and experienced players
    commander4429 Best server played on yet non toxic amazing admins and cool events come check it out
    Bakes982 Great server , great place to be 👊🏼
    Z3r0_4lpha_Z3r0 Rare to find a server thats not toxic. Dope shit
    Moses_senpai Damn sweet community. Love the admins. the features. would recommend to anyone

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  • Semper Fi PVP / PVE English EU Server We are a new server with a non toxic atmosphere, bringing to you the community server! We pride ourselves on listening to the community, why not come check it out?

    Join us! discord.gg/AUSThRDXs6
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