• 334 Days
    Current Mod List:
    Before joining us be sure to download the 10 mods we are running, most of them are for ascetics. The list is below, you can copy and paste the (id=xxxxxx) in the Steam Workshop search box.

    Structures Plus (S+): id=731604991
    Eco's Caming Decor: id=926567353
    All SKins Chest: id=813463849
    Eco's Garden Decor: id=880871931
    UtiliSkins: id=796983897
    Element Crafting Station: id=859041479
    Big Storage Bins: id=791674340
    Classic Flyers: id=895711211
    Kibble Craft Station: id=926028694
    Cannabis Crops: id=892993322

    Updated 10/26
  • Greetings Survivors,
    We recently moved from The Island to Ragnarok. We have changed the server name to NuWonderland but have kept the Server Profile and Banner the same for Nostalgia.

    Thanks for stopping by and Welcome to NuWonderland!

    Ragnarok Map
    5 x Harvest and XP
    3 x Tame
    20 x Breeding
    Supply Drop and Fishing Loot Quality Increased
    Other Minor Tweaks

    NuWonderland Cluster includes The Island as well as a server that acts as an Expedition Server. We change the map on that server from time to time for new places to explore. Currently it is running Aberration.

    Also we offer one Tek Item or Dino every month for long term players!

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