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  • psych0fr34k Scorched Earth running with Ark Comes Alive mod and some practical other mods.
    psych0fr34k reset The Center to The Island, with Annunaki
    psych0fr34k Belgian adminned server for ARK Survival Evolved.
    psych0fr34k Entry only after approval of admins.
    psych0fr34k Today is a good day, today is Ark day!
    psych0fr34k Difficulty Offset 1.0 - XPMultiplier 2.5 - Tamingspeed 6.0 - Harvestamount 3.0 - Crosshair Activated
    psych0fr34k Mods in use: Homing Pigeon - Stargate Atlantis - Armored Storage Stands - Big Raft - Pipes-n-Cables - Small Dragons - The Middle Ages
    psych0fr34k Behave or get booted. Enjoy your gameplay

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