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    Server Rules
    Welcome to Jurassic Ark The Lost World.
    We are a Nitrado run PVP server which runs on UK time and has been paid for a whole year, it currently runs out on 19th October 2018 at 15:15 GMT. After that depends on the number of players, etc.
    The boosts are centered around breeding. The idea being you are able to breed through the week to prepare for bossfights etc.

    Dino wipes will be every Wednesday and Sunday at 14:00 GMT. A warning will be broadcast on the server 5 minutes before the wipe, if you are taming, please let us know in this time.
    Flag system:
    White Flag = PVE
    Green Flag = Passive pen
    Red Flag = PVP
    Bounty system:
    5 "Human/Humano/Variation" Implants = Ascendant blueprint of your choice.
    10 "Human/Humano/Variation" Implants = Ascendant item of your choice.
    20 "Human/Humano/Variation" Implants = Paint job on a dino of your choice.
    30 "Human/Humano/Variation" Implants = Small max level dino of your choice (Carno or smaller).
    40 "Human/Humano/Variation" Implants = Any max level dino of your choice.
    Server rules:
    - Do NOT call yourself Human/Humano/Variations, there is a bounty system in place and you will be hunted and killed until you change your character name.
    - Do NOT destroy the community area, if caught you will be banned.
    - Tribes displaying white flags are PVE players. They are not to be attacked unless participating in a PVP event, and only at the event location.
    - ‎Do not kill passive dinos. All passive dinos must be in a Dino pen with Green flags on. You can however, tranq the passive dinos.
    - Do not build on resources, artifacts or beaver spawns.
    - Do not grief other players. You will be given 1 warning only. This includes kiting, blocking people in, stealing or killing dinos that are being tamed.
    - If you raid someone, don't foundation wipe, just make your access point and get out with your loot.
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