72.UnityBoost Ps4 Rag 1

  • Tylerhaven Rag 1 is my favorite server been before Jono took over an he has improved it be a long shot! Love the server been my server I bring my friends to. He has kept it going an has yet to fail me. All the admin are amazing! An everyone is really friendly (:
    IVIoTiiOnZxX Rag1 has been my home since the original rag1 crashed months back. But unity has been my family for over a year almost 2 its my get away very well maintained cluster and amazing admins and owner! Thank you guys for everything!!
    TwyztydMemoriez This is my new second fave (sry CI came out lol) map but this whole cluster is my home. It has been made so safe and welcoming by Jono and his admins. Everyone can be here without fear of judgement or anything cruel. This is the best cluster out there!
    randyframe1 Great sever and admin team. My home away from home. Admins are always very helpful . This is a great sever that unites players from all over the world. Would recommend this sever to any ark player and I do .
    Lockdown0199 ..... These players get delt with swiftly and professionaly as the admins treat this cluster of maps as if it were their own main job I've never felt more mentality stable anywhere else but here
    Lockdown0199 This is where it all comes down to my main home is here this is where I spend most of my time here it's is perfectly well balanced the admins do their job without being abusive to the players if anything some of the players are abusive ......
    Corahalex Also all the people are extramly quick to help and support each other, plz come join us
    Corahalex Jonathan and Emma have been incredible and helpful with out of game stuff and without them I would have proberly quit the game. So thank you for your support, it means alot,
    Corahalex Amazing Server, full of enthuastic helpful and amazing people. The whole server as a whole is one of the best servers iv ever been on. Admins who will go out of their way to help in and out of game, and if you are having a bad day,

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