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    Hello, everyone! Welcome to Arkadia. We are a developing cross-ark cluster with a friendly community, modest rates, and active and responsive admins who are fully invested in the enjoyment and well-being of it's members. Our goal is to establish a flourishing server cluster capable of accommodating the playstyle of many different and unique individuals. Because of this, we prefer to keep everything as laid back and reserved as possible when it comes to rules, but we have some generic guidelines in play simply to ensure overall fairness as well as a safe and comfortable environment for our players. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to pop onto one of our servers via the direct join links below or even our discord chat, where you can get to know us (as the server admins) as well as other members of the community. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Server Perks
    * Responsible and active admins who adhere to and enforce server rules without bias.
    * A laid back and friendly community where players help and cooperate with one another, without taking the PvP aspects of the server to hostile or abusive extremes.
    * A collective PvPvE environment that facilitates, and likewise accommodates, interactions between PvPers and PvEers without risks.
    * Modest rates that provide a very slight "easier than official" experience, but that likewise don't take away from the grind and feeling of accomplishment of constructing a large base and taming your dinosaur army. Perfect for any player whether you prefer a solo experience or a communal one.
    * No wipes.
    * Boosted weekends (every other weekend).
    * Additional planned server events.

    Right now, most of our news posts and such are conducted through our discord server, which can be found in the links below. But we also have a website, which you can find at TheArkadiaCluster.weebly.com. Feel free to check it out for more in depth server information than what you'll find written here.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/bBB7WSn
    260 Days
    Server Rules
    By joining our server, you agree to follow the rules outlined below - please respect that. As server admins, we like to think that we're very lenient and we understand that mishaps may occur, but any deliberate abuse or rule breaking will be dealt with in accordance to a "no tolerance" policy and will be handled accordingly. Bans are issued for periods ranging anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the offense. If you were banned from the server, you are free to rejoin once your ban period is up, but if you are banned for a second time, the ban will be permanent.

    * Treat your fellow players with respect. You don't need to get along with or like everyone you meet during the time you spen on the server, but any outright disrespect, racism, etc. will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    * No hacking, trolling, and/or griefing.
    * Imports/Downloads are not allowed. Everyone starts fresh in Arkadia.
    * Do not build in areas nor in such a way that obstructs player access to large resources nodules or Obelisks.
    * Do not harm dinosaurs/players that are left at/around the area of an Obelisk terminal. These areas are safe zones for transport dinos used to gain quick access to the obelisks for cross-ark travel.
    * Do not obstruct access to caves or the depths of said caves should you happen to construct your home/base inside one.
    * Our server accommodates the playstyles of PvPers and PvEers alike. If you want to play PvE, please include "PvE" somewhere in your tribe name so that any PvPers who approach your structures or dinos will know that you're protected by our PvE laws.
    * For extra PvE protection, PvEers may wish to fly a white flag over their base or home so that any approaching tribes are aware of their status without needing to get close enough to their structures to see the tribe name.
    * PvEers on Arkadia are protected by our PvE laws. If you play PvP and attack a tribe designated as PvE, or likewise attack another tribe (unless in self-defense) while playing as PvE, you will be subject to the consequences of your actions in accordance to these laws and may be suspended or banned from the server.
    * Do not attack or raid ANY tribes during server events. Server events are a chance for the community to get together and interact with one another without risks.
    * Offline raiding is enabled for the pure sake of allowing tribe alliances. HOWEVER, keep in mind that offline raiding, while not explicitly forbidden, is heavily frowned upon. If you're going to participate in PvP aspects of the server, please conduct yourself in a respectable manner. If you're going to raid and destroy other players out of malicious intent, you can expect the same in return and potential admin intervention.
    * Clean up after yourselves. If you move a tribe/building to a new location, be sure to clear away what remains of your former tribe/building.
    * Tribes are permitted to construct a single large base and two small outposts per map to prevent clutter. Any more than this is not necessary and additional outposts or large bases will be subjct to removal.
    * Because there are no server wipes nor structure/dino decay, buildings and dinosaurs that belong to tribes who have been inactive for periods of several months will be subject to removal.
    * Do not claim unreasonable amounts of territory for your tribe. Claim only what you are willing and able to fully manage and maintain.
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