2424.Four Horsemen (Cluster all maps) Island

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  • Welcome to the Four Horsemen cluster!

    This server cluster has all maps and 2 Ragnarok servers. We are a boosted cluster with the target audience of players who cannot always be on due to work or something and cannot deal with the grinding and time it takes for upkeep on official. We also don't just give everything away so there is some work to be done.


    >Auto Unlock: Automatically unlock ALL engrams without having to do any boss you can still do them to get more survivor levels however.

    >200x taming making for near instant taming!

    >50x gather rate with a bonus 2x to metal, all berries and raw meath and a 3.5x bonus to fiber

    >Modified crafting for Element needing only 5 black pearls and 1 polymer in Tek Replicator

    >Modified tame spawns; ever wanted a shinehorn or a GasBag but don't have DLC? Well we have different tames set to spawn on Island and Ragnarok maps!

    >Friendly staff! Our staff team is small to ensure we can provide the best to our players! We have some friends in the admin tribe but only actual server admins are the three owners and a special friend!
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