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  • essexboys65 best server ever if you see this must join and give it ago
    dahl90 FourSyn. Join our FB group. read first comment here. the link is there :)
    FourSyn How do I get whitelisted to join the server
    LT_RECK This server is a great way for Ps4 members to get a true experience of DayZ with awesome support from admins and moderators with the option to create or join a faction to either meet new friends or bring your best buds to the server and just have a great t
    Slighter89 Outstanding server, with few rules other than don’t mess with green zone. There are traders, events, mods, everything one could ask for. What are you waiting for, Join today!
    Blirren89 Nice friendly players but watch out for some crazy bandits and players that doent trust anyone. Weekly events at different locations with nice PvP. No rules like the game is intended to be.
    dahl90 Welcome in to a active and nice comunity server :) Join our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2155192974775574/

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