15.Conquest, a faction war server. discord.gg/conquest

Players 3 / 82
5.0 (8)

  • IThtSheWas18 The ORIGINAL Conquest, and the best Conquest, no matter how many times they’ll get copied, they’ll still remain the best community with great admins and no tolerance for toxicity, 10/10 great PvP server, keep doing what you’re doing Lykos!
    MisterUwUBoy Best PvP server. Cat is a whole smack and the best. They’re all cute, but Cat is the main course.
    IceyRage Best PVP server I've ever played on! Great staff team and an amazing community, credit lykos for making such a great server! Conquest:Original
    zEternalTired You wont find a better staff team nor pvp server than this one. You will not regret joining this server
    HowsMyShot Good Job! Lykos, The first Community that come up with Conquest
    Hickiey Best PVP server PERIOD and one of if not the smoothest running servers in the platform

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