4.Better DayZ

Players 5 / 64
4.8 (100)

  • Ernexidon Best server ever kyle is the best owner 12/10 would recommend
    xDirtyBongWatuRx BetterDayZ is One of the best PS4 Servers on DayZ, Active Playerbase, Events, PVP Zones, The best RP Scene on console, plus Keyboard and Mouse enabled makes a PC Player feel at home!
    jonnealc The Server is full a cool people, runs smooth and you can meet some chill people.
    Cmm1221 Amazing server awesome rp
    LeVonSchaftin Amazing server with a strong community and management, have recommended to friends and will continue to do so!
    sirrock132 The server is a great place to be in! Everyone is super chill and experienced in the game! I have but the best for this server.
    AlcoholXS Great server for new and experienced players alike. Very professional staff and well managed.
    The_Veridian Awesome RP server, had great experiences and alot of fun, mods are cool as well. Definitely reccomend
    JayyFinesse Cool rp server I support it a lot
    MambaHead Best rp server ever
    FhatMotherTucker Amazing server with an amazing set of admins with an awesome owner!
    illnyss the only server i ever played on
    LeggoMyWheaties Fun server, good times always!
    SleepySquiid I love this server!! There’s none other like it!!
    fergabvarga Very good fun server
    KllRBKLLD imaddicted to it putsthe resttoo shame
    Dwarf_Tank88 I'm having so much fun with my friends on this sever
    ImNotABandit Loving this server! The player interaction is amazing, and I’m glad to be a part of the community.
    MattCej Awesome server!
    AH1deltarecon This server is amazing!
    G59Grim All the cap in the comments have me dying LMAOO
    G59Grim All these people put 5 stars to earn 10k in-game currency this server is shit and the moderators are too they have admin pets that get away with everything @coalition
    8utter12 Never played on a RP server before but I am really enjoying my time here so far. Staff is active and respond in a timely manner.
    DasBeanSUPREME Great RP server with staff who's responsible and helpful
    AculaPhd Enjoying the server! Looking forward to the new base!
    Patchy113 Great server and community!
    KiLLaCaL Anyone looking for a server that has pvp and rp interactions this is the server you’re looking for. It’s also a great start if you’re new to the game. Great admins, good currency system, and just in general a great server! 10/10 would recommend!
    fierce823poison Great server with great encounters
    Gaafar One of the greatest ever DayZ servers with a great community of players, would definitely recommend!
    Nerfherderdan Great server with a great community. Come RP with friends or hunt down your enemies
    Stunts1998 Best sever ever on ps4 no doubt about it love this sever
    rabster97 Best server i have been on so far!
    Kyleburke5 thanks everyone!
    KllRBKLLD server kicks ass best around deffently reccomd
    Orange_25e Great server and good fun
    Matman1 Awesome Server, lots of stuff going on, even getting robbed is fun, especially since you can't just be gunned down!
    PudingTrip Rp, events, economy, fun... What more u want? I recommend this server.
    ItsCrypto Best rp server i have played on
    Tirednboring Great server 10/10 great community as well as commitment
    Kyleburke5 Thanks for the support!
    ichiro0381 10/10 recommended
    Kyleburke5 yup! all time zones should have no problem!
    iragergamer Always good pop
    Kyleburke5 Thats awesome man!
    Blessed87mma The only server I play! Has everything I want. Good balance.
    Kyleburke5 Happy to hear you are having fun
    BloodySnipe_09 Loot Is Just Right. Fun Events.
    Kyleburke5 appreciate it
    xFluidCrib92 best server ive played on :)
    Kyleburke5 thanks wild!

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