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  • Axid Amazing server and community
    MATTHEWD373 Fun server to play
    Darkone1122 This is best server I've been one
    Kavid24 Great server it is run better than any other server I've played on
    medz best server to hit the game
    Axid Best server ive played on
    pluckem1 Best Server!
    Sapie88 Best DayZ server and I will naked wrestle anyone who disagrees.
    Deadsailor21 This server rocks my socks.
    xXBloodVikingXx Great sever and great people
    weeknightgamer This is the gold standard of dayz servers
    Rudegeek One of the best servers out there๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ
    fivetwosix Play this with legit everyone almost constantly best servers for console hands down
    kissmeiamtoxic Great server no matter your playstyle! Lots of action if that's what you want, great community and staff team
    OpenFacedSalad Awesome server
    Italianskank Top server
    XKTHULHUX420 Best Server you'll ever play on guaranteed
    RabbitMG ๐Ÿ’™
    SpaceManTy The best Dayz server I have and probably ever will play on
    xxfatdadxl Lost Souls has to be the best DayZ server I've ever played with. 10/10
    Mrmeows1001 Best server on playstation 4 if you want something thats closer to pc servers

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