Green IT

Everyone is talking about "Green IT". But what exactly does this mean?
"Green IT" means the environmentally and resource friendly operating of IT-Systems, in our case, servers.

Nitrado takes responsibility for the environment. The electricity for all servers comes from renewable energy sources, which is generated primarily from carbon-free hydroelectric power stations. The energy from hydroelectric power is ecologically viewed as the most gentle form of power generation on the environment. The TÜV-certified "green" electricity, according to "CMS Standard EE01 80" is obtained from a Swiss hydroelectric power station.

Green Nitrado Server

Cold Aisle Containment

The Cold Aisle Containment is an additional energy-saving measure used in the data centers to optimize cooling and further conform to "Green IT" standards. Due to a distinct separation of hot and cold air, an optimal and environmentally friendly cooling is ensured. This separation is made possible through solid ceilings and wall panels, as well as the aluminum construction of the rack. The rows of racks are constructed on the principle "cold and hot air separation", i.e. the rack fronts are located directly in an aisle with cold air, while the back of the rack blows out warmer air. This will prevent that the warm air from flowing back through gaps or ascending into the rack cabinet into the cooled aisle. Cooled air is kept separate from hot air, which also protects the environment, due to this method being so much more energy efficient.

Energy-efficient hardware

The environmentally friendly choices of components used in Nitrado servers represents our values in the aspect of environmental protection. By evaluating the power consumption of each component, we decide which meets our applications in both performance and efficiency. Modern server architecture, due to its intelligent design, will be energy-saving and environmentally friendly even under a full load. The built-in power supply with the "80 Plus Gold" seal guarantees highly efficient use of the energy. An "80 Plus Gold" rating is a voluntary certification by the developers of power supplies that certifies the power supply is more than 80% efficient. This saves electricity and also prevents unnecessary heat. In a cool environment, less energy is required for the same power output. Current server components provide improved performance and more optimized power consumption.