Outpost Zero - Public Roadmap

Moving Forward: The Outpost Zero Public Roadmap

Greetings Overseers! How are you enjoying the world of Gaiya? Last week the game received a nice update containing some bug fixes, improvements, and additions. We have piled up all the detail from the weekend and last week right here. This week, the developers will be continuing to tackle high priority bugs. We could see some of the following features introduced as well:

  • Join a friend + Locally hosted matches
  • Favorites, History, and Friend List in the in-game server browser
  • PvP-lite game mode
  • Item class designations for storage containers
  • Repeat crafting limits
  • More AI fixes
  • More performance improvements

Remember that feedback is important and the developers are looking for it! Join the official discord today and stay in touch:


It is so cool that the developers have decided to use Trello to share this adventure with the community. This roadmap will help us see what is in store for the developer to implement over the next 6-9 months.

For easy access you can check out the roadmap right here:

Combat Drone

Welcome welcome! The newest addition to the robo-family. Although the combat drone has a friendly appearance, it is known for nothing but violence. You base will be safe with this little guy and his lust for blood and scrap metal!



Here is a full list of the most recent fixes and changes:

  • Fixed unminable water in x1y0
  • Fix some terrain clipping issues and rock collisions, fixed several possible stuck locations
  • Fixed a couple of floating/buried resource nodes
  • Fixed various stretched textures on the terrain
  • Optimized Lava and Radioactive Uranium Field for memory usage & performance, and fixed some visual bugs with them
  • Fixed various butterfly scaling issues
  • Fixed the bug where bots were not finding old repair tasks after you leave and log back in on single player.
  • Added a comfirmation sound when you select a job in the bot frame.
  • AI bots now have a job range that can be set by the player in their orders menu, to set how far the AI moves to do their job
  • Added a combat variant of the regular drone, which can only do patrol and follow jobs, but has improved base stats
  • Item stats scale by item tier, so for instance - Stalker Armor T1 might get 30-80 HP, whereas T2 will get 60-160, and T3 gets 90-240
  • Buffed Spade Damage slightly
  • Fix for random first-spawn which could cause players to land on mountains
  • Temporarily alleviate a possible hitch every 30-60s, a real fix is still needed
  • Fix hand extractor usage on petroleum deposits
  • Fixing delete save game button
  • Servers can now be searched by Dedicated and Local (LAN) - meaning you can run a server on your machine and play on it
  • Fixed an AI charging bug that occured in hauling and crafting when bot inventory was full with nowhere to deposit.
  • Fix a possible bug with animal spawns petering out over time
  • Updated the Power Pylon base to extend farther down, so it won't float above the landscape
  • Remade extractor frame to scale properly from T1-3
  • Buff gas generator fuel rate to .5 gas per minute
  • Significantly buff Comand Center radius, slight buff to Territory Claimer radius, TC power draws increase per tier
  • Players can't build themselves inside of structures like the furnace anymore.
  • Significant buff to solar panels power productions at T2 and T3
  • Buff to steam furnace T3
  • Rebalanced all structure values
  • Prevent power leaching with pylons on PvE servers
  • Fix charging station floor snap points
  • Increase base structure support distance to 15m, reducing the density needed of structural supports
  • Fixed gap between dome adapters and ceilings
  • Fixed t2 Miners reversed power materials
  • Fixed Ceiling Lights unable to snap to ceilings
  • Fixed collision on Nuclear Generators
  • Low Wall no longer requires any power
  • Fix miners, harvesters, and extractors to still work properly after welding them
  • Make forcefield door thicker so it's not possible to run through really fast
  • Rotate structures faster with mousewheel so its more responsive
  • Fix rocket explosions not damaging walls



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