RUST Devblog 184 - Icebergs, Nail-gun and Loot changes!

RUST Devblog 184 - Brings new Icebergs, a new Nail-gun and Loot changes!

Devblog 184 brings a new North for you to explore. Halloween is over and the winter is coming! In this update, we see a new nail gun. This should help protect you as you explore the new ice burgs and ice sheets! In 184 there are some major world and loot changes as well! Here I will highlight some of the important changes to pay attention to this patch.

New Icebergs and Ice Sheets

New icebergs and ice sheets have finally arrived. They will spawn on the edges of the arctic biome. This is the first step taken in making the ocean biome a more habitable place for players. All of the big icebergs will have areas to build on. Traditional raiding via ladders is still viable, although slightly more difficult. The developers are looking forward to seeing what base designs you come up with! If you have any bugs or difficulties with the ice burgs, or if you would like to give general feedback be sure to let them know!




Thanks to some quick animation work by Gooseman, the implementation of the nailgun is possible this patch! Taking just some metal and scraps the nailgun is pretty impressive. It has a 16 round clip and fires slow projectiles. You will have to hit quite a few to do significant damage to an armored person. This happy medium will be a nice addition to the game.

As Maurino Berry said:

It's a default blueprint, costing Metal Fragments and Scrap, and is intended to bridge the gap between bows and the revolver. I'm sure some will say it is overpowered, and others will say it is underpowered, but we'll know more by next week and release a patch to compensate.




Loot Changes

Some changes to the loot system in Rust. They have added a new Basic Crate that can be found at gas stations and supermarkets. This crate contains at least:

  • One workbench tier 1 item
  • A chance to spawn two.

The developers have also completely overhauled how loot is calculated. This is a good thing because, in crates, you will find more overall now. It used to be set to where there was a high percentage for decent stuff. However, it offered a low percentage at the chance of good stuff. Now, a crate will always spawn a mediocre item, however, it will have a chance to spawn a better item too. The developers say that this will really show a payoff in Airdrops.

As mentioned by André:

"These radtowns are better because of they either more of, or a higher probability of, better loot crates. The first pass is complete, but this will definitely need more tweaking as time goes on...

...In terms of rad town crates, this means you can always expect a decent component and everything else is just a bonus on top.

P.s. This is the reason why we aren't doing a BP wipe. We're going to be screwing around with this stuff and would prefer to wipe it only when we think it is in a good state and not prone to constant weekly changes.


Here is some concept art from Maurino Berry's post in the devblog this week:



A full list of the changes below. You can read more and find more detail here: Devblog184

Devblog 184 - November 02 2017

  • NEW - Added Bradly APC to Materials Extraction monument (Hapis)
  • NEW - Added Savas map markers
  • NEW - Added new icebergs and ice sheets to the arctic biome
  • NEW - Added medium levels of radiation to Materials Extraction monument (Hapis)
  • NEW - Added north and south recycler on Savas
  • NEW - Basic crate added to supermarket/gasstation/warehouse
  • NEW - New procedural map biome layout
  • NEW - Military Tunnels spawn 2 elite crates
  • NEW - Stance recoil added - less accurate when standing/moving vs crouching
  • NEW - Added Nailgun + Nailgun ammo default BP
  • FIXED - Fixed various Hapis exploits
  • FIXED - Improved skinning on player model elbows/wrists
  • FIXED - Fixed player preview blinking backwards
  • FIXED - Fixed shading on multi-layer materials; e.g. icebergs
  • FIXED- -Garage door sound scales with audio volume
  • UPDATED - Improved player bone scaling and skin colour variety
  • UPDATED - Updated Hapis map markers
  • UPDATED - EAC SDK update
  • UPDATED - Network encryption optimizations
  • UPDATED - Removed sand from the arctic coastline
  • UPDATED - Crates always spawn one component with 40% chance of WB item
  • UPDATED - Candle hat default BP
  • UPDATED - Metal Window Bars cheaper to research
  • UPDATED - Airdrop always drops 2 weapons + ammo, and 2 armor pieces
  • REMOVED - Disabled Halloween Content :(



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