UPDATE for ARK:Survival Evolved Console Servers!

So many of you have been asking us: what is the word for ARK console servers?! Here's the current status:

Originally, the plan was to release ARK console servers today, but some things have changed and this is no longer the game plan. ARK: Survival Evolved is set to release officially on August 29th, 2017, but the console servers should be available sooner than that.

According to Community Crunch 98, console servers would arrive sometime in the middle of August - so before the official release and the console release of the Ragnarok map:

We will be releasing a major version update in the middle of the month which will significantly assist with DDoS mitigation, resolve the exploit which has allowed players to dupe, and of course not to be forgotten, but allow players to rent PC-dedicated Console Servers!

However, some more news has came from Studio Wildcard regarding this topic in the most recent Community Crunch 99, which introduces the otter:

We are still planning on our mid-month update which will resolve the current loading-crash on Console Player Dedicated Servers, introduce our DDoS Mitigation for all Official Servers, address the duping exploit and allow players to rent PC-Dedicated Console Servers.

PC-Dedicated Console servers will initially be rolling out on PlayStation 4 for the time being. We will be technically set up to launch them on both of our console platforms from a development point of view but are currently running into some business & pipeline questions with Microsoft which we hope to resolve in the coming weeks.

The short story: PS4 servers are on track to be released on time mid-month, but the certification process for Microsoft(Xbox One) is taking a bit longer and those servers will be available shortly afterward. The development perspective of the system is finished, it needs to be verified by the other networks before it can go live.

If you wish to be notified about when the servers are available, click the button below:

Get Notified of Availability!

Sources: Community Crunch 98 & Community Crunch 99

Aug 8th, 11:45 pm
Matthew Wiebke
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55 Minutes
Okay so got my server how long does it usually take to install it?
1 Hour, 11 Minutes
Great this is finally happening, any Thought on when its coming for xbox one?
1 Hour, 11 Minutes
Cant keep getting error 505
1 Hour, 20 Minutes
Go order now >> https://nitra.do/ARK-PS4 <<
1 Hour, 20 Minutes
And... ITS LIVE!
1 Hour, 34 Minutes
I just got another ark update 1.34
1 Hour, 35 Minutes
I am currently downloading an ARK patch(V1.34) on my PS4. The one from this morning adding skin dlc support was 1.33 wasnt it?
2 Hours, 3 Minutes
Can we transfer our dino from original server to rented server?
2 Hours, 28 Minutes
Ryan everything is on sony right now. Once the build has been certified by sony the servers will be made available. You can keep updated better on the twitter page located at the botom of the page.
2 Hours, 33 Minutes
No you keep the same server, you just change the map. All of your settings will remain the same.
2 Hours, 35 Minutes
when can we get the servers though it was today
3 Hours, 31 Minutes
So once we move that server is gone unless we buy another server for rag?
3 Hours, 55 Minutes
Even if you dont allow tribute download/upload you can activate it just for the move. Keep in mind that each person on the server is limited to 20 dinos and 50 items transferred at one time so bring only the important things as that will be a one time move, no back and forth.
4 Hours, 2 Minutes
From my understanding that should not be necessary. You should be able to upload your dinos, items, and survivor to the obelisk close down the server using your webbased server controls and change the map. Once you load in just use download survivor instead of creating a new one, travel to one of the three obelisks and download your dinos and items.
4 Hours, 13 Minutes
@Tintrika my guess is you would need a second server just rent it when ragnarok releases, set up a cluster, transfer dinos, let the original server expire.
4 Hours, 27 Minutes
So if we start on island then switch to rag will we be able to transfer dinos?
4 Hours, 56 Minutes
Unfortunately, that's not up to Nitrado or Wildcard. It's a question of when Sony passes the cert. Hopefully it'll be soon though
5 Hours, 4 Minutes
A specific time that this will be launching would be nice.
7 Hours, 15 Minutes
It's PC-Hosted PS4 servers, says so on their Twitter @Nitrado_EN, which Shaw referred to below, as well as in the article.
7 Hours, 36 Minutes
Guys it's a PC they didn't order thousands of PS4's come on now. They are just servers that will be rented.
9 Hours, 32 Minutes
@Shaw - So, just to be clear...we are renting an actual PC server running the game software? Or are we simply renting consoles? Some of the answers and the like seem rather contradictory in this. I am assuming it is an actual PC running it.
10 Hours, 4 Minutes
ETA is indeed: this evening EST - let's see and Follow us on twitter @Nitrado_EN to get latest news & info!
10 Hours, 5 Minutes
You can also create a Cluster to connect more than 1 mod > for this, you'll need to order 2 servers or more depending how big you want to have it!
10 Hours, 6 Minutes
Hello folks, No need to buy another PS4 to run your server, we are taking care of this! ///
11 Hours, 4 Minutes
Can we run two version of the game/2 maps at the same time like you can do on PC ? 2. For Unofficial Servers, if they wish to allow dynamic Cross-ARK Travel, they will need to run two Servers on the same box from the same directory, and then you can launch with the following commandlines: ShooterGameServer.exe ScorchedEarth_P?SessionName=MySession1?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save1 -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=mycluster123 ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?SessionName=MySession2?AltSaveDirectoryName=Save2

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