What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a computer game in which players can create their own world with the help of various "building blocks". Creativity knows no bounds. By combining building blocks new elements can be created.

If many players want to play in the same world, you need a central platform where they can all meet: This is called a server, in our case specifically, a Minecraft Server

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What do we need to play?

To be able to play Minecraft, every player needs to get a license for the game. You can get a license at www.minecraft.net.

To be able to play together, you need a Minecraft Game Server. This server coordinates the game for all players and automatically saves all the important data. The server has many characteristics, for example, the number of slots. One slot is taken per player, so if you have 6 players total, you need a server with 6 slots.

Which is Nitrado's role?

Nitrado is one of the leading companies in the game server rental market.

Nitrado is one of the first to offer a customer-friendly prepaid system. The game server is available for as long as there is available credit/game time. After that, it is disabled. If necessary, the server can be reactivated again by adding credit to your Nitrado account.

Nitrado offers many unique ways to customize the server in a simple way. Also, many tools are at your disposal to help manage your server.

How much does a game server cost?

The price depends on the number of simultaneous players (slots) and the start duration of the server paid in advance. A full pricelist can be seen here.

What is Nitrado's Parental control?

Nitrado offers a unique opportunity for parents to restrict access to the server itself. Various settings can be done, ​​for example a separate Parent password to limit the playing time on a server.

How long can my child play per day?

Through a Nitrado Parental Control features you can create a Weekly Plan, which list how long the server will work and for how long it can be played in it. For example you can adjust the play time on a server to one hour per day.

I have one more question, how can I contact Nitrado?

Nitrado support can be contacted by e-mail, and through the ticket system.
E-Mail Support: Online contact

How can I rent a Minecraft server?

To order a Minecraft server, please click on the button labeled "Rent Game Server Now". The order will process and take you through all the operations necessary to order the Game Server. The Game Server will be available immediately afterward.

What is Minecraft?

Server: The place where all players are connected. This server will be provided by Nitrado.
Client: The client is the software used to get in a game server. (like Minecraft for example)
RAM: RAM for the server. The more players play simultaneously on one server, more RAM memory needed
Slots: A game server always allows only a certain number of players at the same time. Similar to seats on a bus, each one gets a seat, as long as there are seats available. If the bus is full, no one can enter. Another player can join when a person has left the server.
Lag: If the game experiences small dropouts or the game doesn't run smoothly, many will call this phenomenon "Lag". This can have several causes, such as a congested Internet connection or a high resource usage on the server.
Spawn: If a player enters in a game, he appears at a defined location on the virtual world. This particular point is called spawn point.
Crafting: In Minecraft, you can create new items based on raw materials. This is called "Crafting"